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What is MSACCO

MSACCO is the most convenient and effective solution for SACCOs and Microfinance to provide mobile financial services to its members and customers respectively.

With MSACCO, members can make deposits and withdraw money from their respective accounts, make payments to various SACCO products. Payments to the SACCO via MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money have now been simplified. Members can also access their funds through INTERSWITCH ATMs and POS

This is the Consumer-facing part of the platform. For Africa’s low and middle income earners, MSACCO is the gateway to a variety of community-responsive and affordable financial services provided by a growing network of Credit Unions and MFIs. Through reliable and secure digital channels, end consumers are able to grow personal savings, access affordable credit and make payments. By empowering the subscribers to make informed choices, we enhance their freedom to determine their financial destiny.

Benefits of MSACCO

To the SACCO Subscriber


How to use MSACCO

Making a deposit

  1. Load money to your MTN or AIRTEL Money account.
  2. Dial *165*6*3# on MTN or *185*7*3# on AIRTEL.
  3. Choose Deposit and follow the prompts

Making a Withdrawal on MTN

  1. Dial *165*6*3#.
  2. Enter your SACCO ID.
  3. Enter Member ID (account number).
  4. Choose Withdraw and follow the prompts.
  5. Enter Amount to be drawn to Mobile Money wallet account from SACCO.
  6. Enter Mobile Money PIN.

Check Balance on MTN

  1. Dial *165*6*3#
  2. Enter SACCO ID
  3. Enter Member ID (account number)
  4. Choose Check Balance
  5. Enter SACCO PIN

Check Balance on Airtel

  1. Dial *185*7*3#
  2. Choose Check Balance
  3. Enter SACCO ID
  4. Enter Account number
  5. Enter PIN to confirm
  6. Deposit and follow the prompts