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All about the MSACCO application system



MSACCO, serves the purpose of enhancing financial inclusion and accessibility, streamlining operations, and improving overall financial freedom for both the institutions and their members.
It enables efficient and secure transactions, leading to better financial empowerment and improved customer experience for both SACCOs and MFIs.


What is MSACCO?


MSACCO is the most convenient and effective solution for SACCOs and Microfinance to provide mobile financial services to its members and customers respectively.
With MSACCO, members can make deposits and withdraw money from their respective accounts, make payments to various SACCO products. Payments to the SACCO via MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money have now been simplified. Members can also access their funds through INTERSWITCH ATMs and POS.

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The Consumer-facing part of the platform.

For Africa’s low and middle income earners, MSACCO is the gateway to a variety of community-responsive and affordable financial services provided by a growing network of Credit Unions and MFIs.

Through reliable and secure digital channels, end consumers are able to grow personal savings, access affordable credit and make payments. By empowering the subscribers to make informed choices, we enhance their freedom to determine their financial destiny.

How it works

Go to the android app store, search for MSACCO, download it and install.

  • Step 1


    After downloading and installing the app on your mobile device, open it and start the registration process.
  • Step 2


    Open the application, enter your phone number, search for your SACCO name, select it and continue to next steps until you complete the process.
  • Step 3

    Connect and Transact

    After you have registered on your SACCO, you are free to carryout transactions to your liking.

Benefits of MSACCO to a SACCO member

To the Subscriber

Save money & time

Be able to transact using different channels, anytime, from anywhere. No need to travel to the banking hall anymore.

Additional Income:

Increased dividends payout due to growing efficiency at the Credit Union (SACCO) or Micro Finance Institution (MFI)


Monitor the activities on you account. No surprises, keep track of your money on your phone anywhere, anytime

Affordable credit

Access to more affordable credit due to improved Credit Scoring resulting from frequent transactions and access to the Credit Reference Bureau.

To the Financial Cooperative or MFI

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Regardless of which town, village or country your members shift to, keep serving them through MSACCO

Cheaper to do business

No need for setting up multiple banking halls any more. Members no longer need to come physically to transact

Source of Revenue

Generate repetitive incomes from every carried out transaction by the SACCO's or MFI's members.

Increase Profitability

SACCOs and MFIs are able to reduce their monthly infrastructural cost by 90% and hence improve efficiency and profitability

Terms and Conditions: Follow this link for a detailed overview of how you can use the MSACCO App under its regulations.

MSACCO App Privacy Policy

We ensure that client data and credentials in the MSACCO App are well protected under the international data and user privacy standard guidelines.

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