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Top 10 Most Popular FAQs

MSACCO is the mobile business to customer facing system of our core banking system. It is the solution that connects a SACCO or MFI members to their accounts on the go.

MSACCO is a very convenient solution for someone looking to access their SACCO remotely or anywhere at anytime. There are dividends that come with each transaction a member carries out. 

Yes – The MSACCO App follows the OWASP security standard model. The OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) is the industry standard for mobile app security

Yes , you can belong to as many SACCOs as you desire, you will have a unique MSACCO number for each SACCO.

Yes – The APP is currently available on android with the iOs version launching soon.

Yes – You are able to access your mini statement through the App.

While this is a rare case you can always call our toll free customer care number 0800220220 for any assistance.

Yes we have institutions that are already accepting Loan Application directly made from the MSACCO.

Yes the transactions through MSACCO are realtime. So each transaction that a user does, it is reflected instantly on their account.

This is a feature that is currently under development and will be rolled out in future versions.

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