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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Values

Our Value Proposition To Our Clients

We are an organisation, driven by values. A company which is run by its values is a company which will always achieve its goals. Given below are our values, we religiously believe in and strictly follow, at our work and in our life. 


For Financial Cooperatives in Africa, that desire to grow profitably, FutureLink Technologies is a Community-driven Marketplace for financial services that enables them acquire new customers, access affordable financing, and reduce operational costs to 10%, unlike other technology companies that provide just technology.


For the Un banked and the Under-banked in Africa, we are the platform through which they are able to access and choose the most relevant and affordable financial services. Unlike banks, our collaboration with Financial cooperatives enables our customers to access services designed just for them.


Our values serve as our ethical and moral compass and describe how we should behave with each other and our customers.


To cultivate these values within the organisation we have ensured that each employee and member of the team at Future Link Technologies; Conducts business in line with our values and beliefs; Understands our mission  and our core principles as stated below:

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  • scale
    We are committed to being true, following the truth to where ever it may lead. We are a place where personal and institutional accountability is nurtured and cherished. We believe in fair play as a key ingredient for sustainable shared value in business.
  • watering-plants
    We exist to enable rural Africa to work through a combination of technological inventions and sustainable business models
  • diamond
    Value for People
    We are an impact driven company, that seeks not just a return on investment, but also the lives transformed by our work.
  • block
    Customer Obsession
    We are a data-driven company that takes interest in a customer’s preferences and pains. We believe that what a man can do, he can do better. We are therefore agile enough to adapt to the ever changing needs of the customer.
Our Vision

Technology Champions

To be the Technology Champion of the Social-Economic Prosperity of the People in the Developing World

Our Mission

Innovate, Supply and Support

Our mission is to Innovate, Supply and Support Genuine ICT Solutions and Services while serving an All Inclusive Market

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Our Awards: First African company to win the Global SME Finance Platinum Award for Product Innovation of the year 2022