About Us

Our Why

FutureLink Technologies (FLT) is Africa’s fast growing digital marketplace for affordable financial services. Licensed by the Central Bank of Uganda as a Payment System Operator, FLT works to enhance the financial resilience of Africa’s low and middle income earners,  through a community-driven digital marketplace for affordable financial services.

Unlike many Fintechs which offer expensive credit to consumers, FLT leverages the relevance and outreach of Credit Unions and MFIs in Africa, to enable low and middle income earners  grow personal savings, access affordable credit and make payments using secure and reliable digital channels. We believe that an equitable and sustainable economy is only possible if it is inclusive. 

Vincent Tumwijukye

Vincent Tumwijukye

Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision

To be the Technology Champion of the social-economic prosperity of the people in the developing world.

What we do

Building Africa’s Community-driven marketplace for affordable financial services (Bold)

We enable end consumers access appropriate and affordable financial products provided by our large network of ecosystem partners in Africa including Credit Unions and MFIs. Through our consumer-facing MSACCO multi-channel payment gateway, we enable consumers grow personal savings, access affordable credit and insurance, and make payments.

Additionally, through our business-facing Savings Plus Banking As a Service platform, we enable Credit Unions and MFIs acquire and retain more customers, mobilise community savings and grow transaction revenues at a fraction of 10% the ordinary cost.

Products and Services


This is the Consumer-facing part of the platform. For Africa’s low and middle income earners, MSACCO is the gateway to a variety of community-responsive and affordable financial services provided by a growing network of Credit Unions and MFIs.

SP5 (Savings Plus)

SP5 is the Business-facing part of the platform. For Africa’s Credit Unions and MFIs, SP5  is the Banking as a Service platform that enables them to acquire more customers, mobilise savings, grow transaction revenues, and geographically scale at 10% the ordinary cost.

SACCO Administration

For employee-based Credit Unions whose core is not financial services, we infuse efficiency, by taking over all administrative work for a fraction of the ordinary cost. We optimise and automate processes, enabling customers to serve themselves anytime, from anywhere.

ICT Solutions

We give bang for buck Technologies to corporate organizations in Uganda by timely and exclusively supplying genuine ICT products and services with Manufacturer’s warranties and after-sales support.

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