Future Link Technologies (FLT) is an Information and Computer Technology company based in Uganda - East Africa, with Research and Development at the core of our business strategy. Since 2005, FLT has been involved in provision and support of a trendy Banking Software for Microfinance Institutions, Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs), and Village Banks, striving to make the  dream of  Financial Access For All a reality. The Banking  Software is called SAVINGS PLUS, currently being used by many organisations across the world, including the Zambia Air Force Credit Union and Savings Association  and Uganda Revenue Authority SACCO in Uganda.

We offer tailor made solutions for small, medium and large entreprise customers, backed by quality support from our team of highly certified engineers. Customer focus is our benchmark. We value the relationship we create through the many networks of satisfied and loyal customers.

As an HP Preferred Partner, we are also authorised to supply all other major brands such as DELL,  Lenovo, IBM, APC, Microsoft and a variety of strong and genuine Anti-virus products like Symantec and Kaspersky.

Life enhanced through the provision of Innovative and affordable ICT Solutions


To Innovate, Supply and Support  Genuine ICT solutions while serving an All-Inclusive Market.





FLT is governed by a four member BOARD, comprising of a diversity of expertise in corporate governance and Project Management. Below is the list of the board members.

Vincent Tumwijukye - Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
Vincent is a great leader, after serving for many years in leadership positions as Operations Manager, Chief Software Architect and others. He is also an accomplished and highly experienced programmer and software architect, coming from a background of Computer Science. Vincent is a certified and highly talented CISCO Network Associate. Having worked as a software developer, programmer and systems analyst for many years, Vincent is single handedly responsible for some of the most sophisticated software applications being used in many enterprises all over the country and abroad. He has amassed extraordinary experience not only in systems analysis and software design but also in networking, server programming, database systems management and lastly but not least, management. Vincent has also gained great experience in the Insurance Sector, having been a BOARD member of Padre Pio Insurance Brokers since 2010. He also sits on the Advisory Board of Angels Capital – an Investment Company operating in Uganda. Vincent was one of the distinguished 2008-Common Wealth E-Governance Conference delegates, nominated by the Government of Uganda. He is driven by a passion for serving his community using technology.

Byron Nicco Osiro - Director
With a background in Computer and Information Technology and with a diploma in computer Science Byron is also a Certified CISCO Network Engineer. He has worked with several companies in the various disciplines of Chief Systems Administrator, Technical Operations manager, Information Technology Research Coordinator and Database manager among others. Byron is driven by a passion for learning and as such has attended and continues to attend workshops on Information Technology related issues organized by leading institutions around the world such as the World Bank, Microsoft, Toshiba and others. Nicco is also currently the Business Development Manager of Danoffice IT – an International IT Organisation offering the supply and service of Information Technology and Information Systems equipment to international organisations.

Nassir Katuramu -  Director
With a background in Computer Science and Business Administration, Nassir is also a Co-
founder of Cistech Solutions – another Information Technology services provider. Having held positions as co-founder and director, marketing manager and project manager in past job experiences and also country representative of the World Bank in a Corporate Social Responsibility program to Uganda, Nassir has amassed great experience in leadership, organizational development, marketing, project management and corporate citizenship. Nassir is a highly talented, dynamic and passionate leader with a keen interest in technology.
Nassir is also currently the Director of Fellow Selection in East Africa for ASHOKA INNOVATORS FOR THE PUBLIC.

Richard Asiimwe - Director
Richard has a background in Computer Science and is also a Certified CISCO Network Engineer.
He has gained extensive experience working as a software developer for some of the leading software solutions companies in Uganda- mastering over seven programming languages and high end database platforms including PostgreSQL and Oracle. He has also had extensive experience in the design and implementation of security systems. Other experiences include working in the capacities of Technical Systems Officer, Linux Engineer and Network and systems


Research and Development
With innovation and customer satisfaction at the center of our culture, it is important for FLT to stay at the cutting edge of technological advancement. In order for this to happen, FLT has strategically placed Research and Development (R&D) at the core of its business strategy. Through R&D, FLT is not only able to understand present needs in absolute detail and hence innovate relevant solutions, but is also able to anticipate the future based on the evolution of current and past trends. R&D informs all of our core business functions and processes with one goal in mind- continuous and never ending improvement. For us this means that we are constantly improving our ability to meet our clients’ needs and for our clients it means that FLT is consistently able to help them maintain a competitive edge in a highly turbulent business environment.

Savings Plus© is a Banking software that handles financial records and statements, banking transactions (deposits, withdrawals), loans, and many other records for Microfinance Institutions ( MFIs) and Savings and Credit Co-Operatives (SACCOS) of any size. It comprises of eleven key modules (Savings, Shares, Loans, Accounting, Fixed Assets Registry, SMS Banking, and Internet banking) which make the management and tracking of savings and loans easy, plus other complementary modules that make Savings Plus even more useful and easy to use. Savings Plus generates hundreds of reports that are relevant to the management of a Microfinance Institution or SACCO both for internal and external reporting. It is registered and approved by CGAP.

Savings Plus has so far over 50 installation sites and growing. Some of the clients for this product
include Micro Bankers Trust – a Zambian Government owned Microfinance with an expansion of
about 19 branches across the country.

FLT was contracted by UNDP – Zambia to supply and implement Savings Plus for Micro Bankers Trust. Other clients include the Zambia Air Force Credit Union and Savings Association, and Uganda Revenue Authority SACCO, connecting all their country-wide
offices.  Below are more clients using Savings Plus:


We are a HP Preferred Partner, dealing in all HP manufactured IT equipment and solutions. we are also authorised to supply all other major brands such as DELL,  Lenovo, IBM, APC, Microsoft and a variety of strong and genuine Anti-virus products like Symantec and Kaspersky.
Furthermore, our team of highly certified engineers ensure not only that our clients acquire Value-For-Money IT solutions, but that these solutions are continuously improved for efficiency, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core of their business.