About Us

CEO FutureLink Technologies Uganda

Vincent Tumwijukye

Chief Executive Officer

Future Link Technologies (FLT) is a Banking as a Service Fintech that works to improve the financial resilience of low and medium income earners in Eastern Africa. FLT achieves this by leveraging the relevance and outreach of SACCOs and Microfinance in Africa, to enable subscribers to grow personal savings, access affordable credit and better market, and make payments using secure, affordable and convenient digital channels. Our strategic partnerships and business models are well designed to catalyze the growth of Equitable and Sustainable economies through bespoke solutions that enhance Access to Finance, Access to Markets and Enhanced farmer production.

By operating a Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform (comprising of an inhouse-built Savings Plus Core Banking system, MSACCO multi-channel payment gateway, managed inter-branch network and server infrastructure), FLT enables its B2C subscribers grow personal savings, access affordable credit and make payments in the most convenient and affordable way using Mobile Money and ATM Cards. FLT also enables its B2B SACCOs and Microfinance acquire new customers, mobilise savings, and offer community responsive financial services at 10% of the ordinary monthly infrastructural costs.

With over 1 million B2C MSACCO subscribers, and over 300 SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions, FLT has built a resilient ecosystem within which medium and low income earners, urban and rural dwellers, can access affordable finance in the most secure and affordable way. Our ecosystem has become a model for an equitable financial system in Uganda. It is currently replicating the same model in Zambia.

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Our Vision

To be the Technology Champion of the Socio-Economic prosperity of the People in the Developing World.

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Our Mission

To Innovate, Supply and Support Genuine ICT solutions and services while serving an All-Inclusive Market.

Our Core Values


FLT is committed to being true, following the truth to where ever it leads. We are a place where personal and institutional accountability is nurtured and cherished. We believe in fair play as a key ingredient for sustainable shared Value in business


We exist to enable rural Africa work through a combination of Technological inventions and sustainable business models

Value for People:

We are an impact driven company, that seeks not just a return on investment, but also the lives transformed by our work

Customer Focus:

We are a Data-Driven company that takes interest in the customer's preferences and pains. We believe that what a man can do, he can do better. We are therefore agile enough to adapt to the ever changing needs of the customer